Panasonic Offices – Taipei

Panasonic’s Taipei office design by iDA Workplace embodies the concept that “Life is endless” with elements representing hope, heritage, and innovation, creating a flexible and inspiring workspace for collaboration.

  • Client Panasonic,
  • size 11,850 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • The shade of blue that only appears just before dawn, symbolizes the way in which Pansonic kicks off the world day after day and brings new hope to life.

    The central concept that motivated the design of Panasonic’s Taipei office is ” Life is endless. ”

    iDA Workplace used design elements such as sunrise / waves / green plants / natural terrain and incorporated a variety of materials that Panasonic uses in its products.

    The reception space floor uses an innovative and diverse atmosphere and the lines of Taiwan’s flower windows to convey the spirit of deep cultivation and the ambition for future development.

    In addition, on the staff dining floor, incorporates elements of the Japanese manor through calligraphy and painting of the founder Konosuke Matsushita, which symbolizes the centuries-old heritage of not forgetting the original intention.

    The flexible and transparent movement line planning responds to the building volume with irregular curves in terms of spatial configuration.

    At the core of the open office area, a green central park discussion area is designed to break the barriers of the area and act as an essential bridge for cross-departmental interaction.

    In addition to fixed seats, a shared office space ( Work cafe ) is also provided for business-oriented work types.

    The space can quickly facilitate the discussion of the project group and serve as a space for community activities and departmental gatherings. With the design techniques of “innovation” and “inheritance,” iDA Workplace presents that Panasonic brings more beauty to the world (“A Better Life, A Better World”), and inclusive of injecting vitality into the century-old enterprise to continue to create the future.

    Design: iDA Workplace
    Photography: Highlite Images