Sony PlayStation Offices – Madrid

CBRE Design Collective in Madrid crafted a unique and innovative space for PlayStation, blending Japanese inspiration with the gaming system’s branding throughout, ensuring employee well-being and brand representation.

  • Client PlayStation, Sony,
  • size 8,395 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • CBRE team looked for a unique and singular space for PlayStation Spain, admired internally and externally. Based on a humanistic approach, employee well-being, prepared for new forms of collaboration and work, as well as representation of the brand’s values. A welcoming, lively, dynamic, innovative, familiar, beautiful, practical and epic space.

    The design concept began in the Japanese origins of Sony, using inspiration from traditional architecture in the access and reception area, where the journey through the offices begins. This journey transforms towards the work areas, acquiring more specific PlayStation colors and symbols, until reaching the meeting rooms completely personalized with games inspiration.

    The result was totally satisfactory, both for the client and for CBRE. PlayStation team was involved in all design and construction decisions since the beginning of the project. They wanted to be participants and be aware of the entire process, which has allowed us to shape offices with which we were certain that we were going to create the perfect office for them.

    Design: CBRE Design Collective
    Photography: Imagen Subliminal