KPMG Offices – Évora

KPMG’s technology hub in Évora, designed by Vector Mais, features open spaces, collaboration areas, natural light, concrete walls, regional craft pieces, and a scenic reception tunnel.

  • Client KPMG,
  • size 2,691 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Évora, Portugal,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Wanting to capture and invest in talent from the University of Évora and other regional polytechnics, KPMG decided to open a technology hub in Alentejo. Following the projects in Lisbon and Porto, KPMG once again trusted Vector Mais for the fit-out of the new office. Also designed by Vector Mais, the workspace is located in the new wing of PACT (Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia) and is characterized by a generous open space and areas dedicated to collaboration, such as meeting rooms, meeting booths, telephone booths and a small social lounge area, with pantry and lockers.

    Taking advantage of the abundance of natural light, the office stands out for its careful combination of solutions and materials, such as concrete walls, flooring in natural tones, carpentry, quality furniture and the reception tunnel, which gives a scenic aspect to the office’s entrance. References to Alentejo could not be missing either. Carefully selecting craft pieces made it possible to provide a regional and human touch to a modern and innovative office.

    Design: Vector Mais
    Photography: Spaces and Places