Peach Content Offices – Ramat Gan

Amit Design Studio transformed Peach Content’s Ramat Gan offices into a vibrant, dynamic space that embraces the company’s identity through a rhythmic design, fostering collaboration and creativity.

  • Client Peach Content,
  • size 3,767 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Ramat Gan, Israel,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Nestled on the 19th floor of the Allied Tower in Ramat Gan, the sprawling offices of “Peach Content” span approximately 350 sqm. Within these dynamic walls, Peach Content, a lively and vibrant company specializing in digital platform content production, thrives with a workforce of young and creative individuals.

    The challenge in designing these new offices was clear—to craft a workspace that seamlessly aligns with the company’s identity and the nature of its work, while also resonating with the character of its diverse employees.

    Guided by principles of being up-to-date, relaxed, homely, informal, rhythmic, and tempo-driven, we injected our values, interpreting them through the lens of the company’s content. Much like the digital advertising world, the office design unfolds like a narrative, composed of different fast and rhythmic “scenes.” These scenes dictate the choice of materials, textures, and the Peach-inspired colour palette—predating even Pantone’s declaration of ‘Peach’ as the Shade of the Year in 2024.

    The office layout distinguishes between ‘private’ and ‘public’ spaces. Private areas house individual staff members’ rooms, while the central ‘public’ areas function as the bubbly heart of the office. This central hub includes an expansive seating area, a communal kitchen, a dining space, and a meeting room—an ideal setting for frequent collaboration among the staff.

    This beating heart not only encourages spontaneous meetings but also fosters an informal workspace, spots for shared gatherings, and ample breathing space. The intentional selection of materials, furniture, and carpentry reflects meticulous planning and attention to detail, with a deliberate contrast in treatment for the envelope, ceiling, and floor to create a liberating atmosphere.

    Exposed concrete ceilings proudly display utilities and systems, while the original concrete floor remains uncovered, contributing to an airy ambience. Glazed partitions, a striped wall with unique cladding, and adjustable lighting fixtures infuse rhythm and movement into the space, balancing casual design with meticulous treatment. In this environment, where casual meets curated, creativity thrives, proving once again that the best ideas emerge in spaces that encourage unrestricted imagination.

    Design: Amit Design Studio
    Furniture: Waxman, TolIman’s Dot
    Photography: Amit Geron