Mem-Pa Offices – Mersin

Selcuk Onat Interior Design Studio focused on modernity and simplicity in the Mem-pa Pulses Administrative Building project in Mersin, using a mix of walnut wood color and black and white for private offices.

  • Client Mem-Pa,
  • size 5,382 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Mersin, Turkey,
  • Industry Food / Beverage, Manufacturing,
  • Mem-pa Pulses Administrative Building project, whose headquarters is located in Mersin Free Zone Port, one of the largest export ports in the world, and which established its second bonded factory in Mersin Organized Industrial Zone in order to expand the export network.

    In the project, modernity and simplicity were tried to be prioritized. The warmth of walnut wood color and the modern effect of black and white were used together in the private offices of the company’s work team but in large spaces.

    While the visual quality of the space is increased with lighting techniques, it also provides a functional homogeneous light opportunity.

    The administrative building located within the company’s 35,000 square meter factory is used as the main management center.

    Design: Selcuk Onat Interior Design Studio
    Photography: Perspektif Foto