Testa Offices – Madrid

Stone Designs in Madrid aimed to create a warm, welcoming office space blurring home and work boundaries, fostering personal relationships, creativity, and innovation through collaborative and inspiring interior design.

  • Client Testa,
  • Year 2024
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • In the interior design project for Testa’s central offices, we aimed to blur the existing boundaries between home and office, creating a warm, welcoming, close, natural, and inspiring environment—a space to share moments similar to those enjoyed with friends during a meal in the dining room at home.

    In a scenario where remote and in-person work coexist, our goal is to foster, through the new interior design, personal relationships, knowledge exchange, creativity, and business innovation. We aim to encourage all departments of the company to interact and enjoy different spaces to provoke these encounters.

    The key to generating this ecosystem lies in creating collaborative spaces, where teams can find inspiring places for every occasion. We have designed different innovative typologies covering all current needs, helping each member of the company understand that innovation and excellence permeate all aspects of Testa.

    We wanted to break the “home/office” barrier—making the transition from home to the office smooth and natural. The office becomes a meeting place, a space for socializing, and an environment to enrich oneself with experiences shared among colleagues.

    Design: Stone Designs
    Photography: courtesy of Stone Designs