Roku Offices – Taipei

iDA Workplace designed Roku’s Taipei office with streaming controller symbols, bold purple elements, local characteristics, and a warm, creative communication space for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

  • Client Roku,
  • size 25,640 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Industry Technology,
  • ROKU is a leading TV entertainment company in the United States, providing streaming media services. Through the ROKU platform, we can watch all kinds of videos. Happy Streaming, Watch What You Love! The design intends to impress people with the company’s professional field visually, so various symbols on the streaming controller are used as space design elements.

    We also injected boldness and energy into the space, using the brand’s purple colour to extend the various shapes in the decoration. In ROKU offices that are blooming all over the world, this time in Taiwan, we hope to introduce local characteristics to embellish it. The welcoming image of the 11F hall is taken from the famous Baiyue Mountains in Hsinchu, which is the contour topographic map view of Mount Sylvania. It has the curves of the top and the cols staggered, and the layers of felt and indirect light strips create a gradient effect like the top of a mountain cloud. The area behind the reception counter is lined with the symbols on the controller and scattered on the main wall with the logo of Roku. In the discussion area in the open office section, we simplified the shape and redesigned the pattern of Taiwanese iron window gratings on the wall. The purple background makes the space livelier and balances the retro feeling of window grating.

    The communication space on the 10F creates a warm atmosphere as a whole. The studio lights project a cinema-like yellow light on the classic movie posters on the wall, and the discussion area is decorated with local grass-woven chandeliers made by Taiwanese designers. This is a relaxing and characteristic small area for communication and socializing. The image of Taiwan’s mountain ridges is continued in the leisure area. In this space, there are ceiling sound-absorbing panels with irregular polygonal cuts, which are interlaced with the woody pattern on the cabinet and echo the theme of mountains. The speckled floor is based on the image of old millstone floor tiles.

    By focusing on details and bold color matching, it creates a diverse cooperation and discussion area to improve the communication experience and efficiency of work, and also allow the new generation of streaming media industry to continue to explore more creativity and possibilities in this office. Together with Roku, let us stop dreaming! Start streaming!

    Design: iDA Workplace
    Photography: Highlite Images