STEVE Agency Offices – Paris

Studio BOY designed STEVE agency’s new headquarters in Paris’ 11th arrondissement with a modern, functional, and vibrant pop style, incorporating recycled plastic trays and colorful furniture to reflect the company’s energy.

  • Client STEVE,
  • size 21,528 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Faced with the steady expansion of its team, the STEVE agency made the strategic decision to move to the heart of Paris, establishing its new quarters in the dynamic 11th arrondissement. Keen to create a workspace that was as functional as it was reflective of the company’s vibrant identity, STEVE entrusted the design of its new headquarters to Studio BOY, while MOORE Design was asked to add its unique touch to the furniture.​​

    Guided by a desire to preserve the original essence of the place, STUDIOBOY opted for a pop, modern style, skillfully balanced to capture the boundless energy that characterizes STEVE. The result was a large number of custom-made trays in Le Pavé® recycled plastic, creating a subtle marriage between ecological innovation and contemporary design. The lounge areas have furnished with brightly hued Samji tables, capturing the company’s lively, creative spirit.​

    In the furniture selection process, MOORE Design focused on meeting aesthetic guidelines while paying particular attention to functionality. The integration of flexible solutions in hybrid workspaces was favored, encouraging mobility and spontaneous exchanges between employees. Some private and open offices have been created, as well as a games room for employees to relax in. A large meeting room has been fitted out to enable employees to get together, as well as small open spaces to facilitate dynamic exchanges.​

    This collaboration between STEVE, Studio BOY and MOORE Design has resulted in the creation of an innovative workplace, where contemporary aesthetics blend harmoniously with functionality, offering the team a setting conducive to creativity and collaboration.

    Design: Studio BOY
    Furniture: MOORE Design
    Photography: Frederic Baron Morin