Bearhouse & Sunsu Offices – Bangkok

Led by popular YouTubers, Bearhouse & Sunsu’s office in Bangkok by Paperspace combines playful aesthetics resembling a café, fostering collaboration and innovation while serving as a backdrop for filming content.

  • Client Bearhouse & Sunsu,
  • size 12,350 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Bearhouse & Sunsu got its start as the brainchild of YouTubers Kan (Atikorn Rattanarom) and San (Pattamaporn Preechawutidet). A nationally recognised milk tea shop in Thailand, the brand is conscious of channeling the bubbly energy that fans have come to expect in their owners’ vlogs. Similarly, they also channel it in their headquarters – prioritising organic social interactions with their employees and encouraging company-wide innovation.

    Fronted by two of Thailand’s most popular YouTubers, it was essential for Bearhouse & Sunsu’s office to not only be representative of their brand, but also elevate it. With a need for collaborative work and ideation throughout the workplace, while also doubling as a suitable filming location for the videos, the office had to be aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

    The office lobby is made to look like a cafe as we brought their shop’s experience directly into their workplace – so employees would be able to understand how their everyday customers felt, putting themselves into their shoes. It incorporates earthy tones along with colourful accents that fit the playfulness of their largely Gen Z workforce, in a bid to separate themselves from the traditional ways of work.

    There is also a food testing station located in the back office – which doubles as a place to experiment with new drinks and a filming location for their founders’ YouTube videos. It serves as a reminder of where the brand started from, and a statement that they’ll always continue on with the legacy that Kan and San had set for Bearhouse.

    Design: Paperspace
    Photography: Kan Kankavee