Greenberg Traurig Offices – Warsaw

BIT CREATIVE designed the prestigious and functional office interiors of Greenberg Traurig law firm in Warsaw’s Varso Tower, using natural materials and art to enhance the aesthetic and atmosphere.

  • Client Greenberg Traurig,
  • size 53,820 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • Greenberg Traurig law firm is located on three floors of Varso Tower, the tallest building in both Poland and the European Union. However, what determines its uniqueness is not only the location. It is, above all, a unique office space, created with respect for tradition, and yet very modern, original and functional. For its design is the responsibility of BIT CREATIVE architects, who specialize in creating aesthetic and functional public interiors. It is they who, using natural and noble materials – stone and wood, created prestigious interiors of the office, where art plays the leading role.

    Modern office interiors with their aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics are supposed to provide flexibility, enabling both individual and team work. Being multifunctional spaces, build a friendly atmosphere and foster integration, encouraging employees to return to the office after pandemonium. This also applies to the design of law firms, the specifics of which impose certain solutions, and the nature of the business affects the layout of the space and its aesthetic qualities.

    The second trend was chosen by the owners of the law firm Greenberg Traurig, who invited architects from the BIT CREATIVE studio, known for their unconventional projects, to collaborate on the design of their new headquarters.

    A key element, as with most legal offices, has become the representative entrance area. The reception area, conference rooms and coffee point located here form an open space of the open type, combining backstage, conference and event functions. With the help of mobile and audiovisual solutions, employees are able to hold a meeting, presentation or townhall here in various formats for a large number of people. With sanitary facilities in the form of a social room and coffee point, the space is also used for various corporate events. In turn, its decor emphasizes the prestigious nature of the place.

    The main role is played by natural materials, the choice of which was not random. In terms of aesthetics, law firms usually rely on noble materials and timeless colors. Thanks to luxurious raw materials such as stone and wood, the architects of BIT CREATIVE created a minimalist, yet elegant and welcoming space with a timeless character. The aesthetics of the entrance area also set the design direction for the rest of the office, designed in light, warm colors, using classic materials such as copper, stone and wood precisely. The play with shades of beige here stands in opposition to the currently reigning gray in office designs. The functional layout itself is typical of law offices, where work is still done in enclosed single- or multiple-person rooms.

    A very important role in the project is played by the aforementioned works of art, which raise the rank and prestige of spaces beyond the office. Carefully selected, they ennoble the space, while allowing one to interact with art on a daily basis.

    Design: BIT CREATIVE
    Design Team: Barnaba Grzelecki, Jakub Bubel, Agata Krykwińska, Katarzyna Biedrzycka-Macioch, Anna Margoła, Zuzanna Wojda, Joanna Zaorska, Malwina Klimowicz
    Contractor: HB Reavis Poland
    Photography: Fotomohito