Smartlynx Airlines Offices – Vilnius

SmartLynx’s new office in Vilnius by Dvi Design features aviation-inspired design, with an airplane in the atrium, aluminum foam panels creating intricate shapes, and sound-absorbing furniture solutions.

  • Client Smartlynx Airlines,
  • size 4,865 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Vilnius, Lithuania,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • SmartLynx is an airline company that offers charter and cargo flights. The building chosen for the new office in Lithuania is symbolic: with an airplane in the atrium, and the office itself on the top floor, which opens up to a panorama of the airport with the routes for take off and landing.

    Materials that are also inseparable from aviation were chosen for the office interior and furniture: stainless steel, aluminum and a complete innovation in Lithuania – aluminum foam panels. In terms of design, aluminum foam can form complex geometric shapes and gives an authentic look. These sound-absorbing panels helped to create interesting furniture solutions in the office and played an important role in creating shades and shadows.

    Design: Dvi Design
    Design Team: Radvilė Tirevičiūtė, Laura Dabravalskytė
    Photography: Norbert Tukaj