Ignite by OnDemand Offices – Bangkok

Focused on cultivating responsibility, Ignite by OnDemand in Bangkok mimics professional offices to prepare high schoolers for university, balancing seriousness with enjoyment through inspiring design elements by Paperspace.

  • Client Ignite,
  • size 13,565 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Education,
  • In order to prepare its high school students for life in university, Ignite by OnDemand’s space was designed to emulate the polished and professional atmosphere found in multinational company offices. The intent is clear—to cultivate a sense of responsibility among young individuals, fostering an environment that challenges them to stay focused and committed during their educational journey.

    Matching the professional workplace ambiance with the academic productivity of an educational institution was a pivotal consideration. Recognising that students desire both a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience, we strived to strike a balance that doesn’t overwhelm them while effectively conveying the seriousness of the professional world. This thoughtful design aims to inspire a sense of purpose and readiness for the challenges that lie ahead in their academic and professional pursuits.

    When entering Ignite’s lobby, students and visitors will be greeted by a huge metal installation that’s inspired by the traditional Chinese board game Go – a signifier of the mental fortitude that the centre would provide its students. Beyond that, there are a number of open waiting areas for students to get their work done or socialise while they wait in-between classes.

    Individual focus areas were also a priority in Ignite’s design, with phone booths and bunk beds installed for students to have their pick on what their best self-study environment is. These spaces are also complemented with bright colours – to inject visual excitement while studying and adding variety to the overall palette of the centre.

    Each of its classrooms are also designed to look like university lecture rooms, to really immerse students and push them towards their goals.

    Design: Paperspace
    Photography: Kan Kankavee