Blue Bay 11 Offices – Kaohsiung

TaG Living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan blends ocean, harbor, and vessel cabin themes into a workspace, using sustainable materials like OMRS paint and grass bricks, with cabin-inspired design elements throughout.

  • Client Blue Bay 11,
  • size 1,528 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
  • Industry Hospitality,
  • TaG Living has created a workspace in Taiwan inspired by its coastal city setting. The city project is located at where the sea meets the land, and was created by the founder based on his experience of the city over the past 11 years. At the sea-land border 500 meters away, the harbor breeze blows ashore, into the imagery of this city – ocean, harbor, and vessel cabins. The local memories with sunlight filter through the window and turn into the spatial DNA.

    The design sees cross-domain concepts of ocean, harbor, and vessel cabins blended into nine functional spaces, including executive office. coastal work area. window bar, to highlight impressions of the Kaohsiung harbor. The palette was chosen with deep bay blue and rustic port grey as theme colors. It was applied by craftsmen on original walls and floors directly, using wall paint with organo-modified reservoir sludge (OMRS). This paint can effectively reduce waste, achieving sustainable environmental goal. The walls extensively feature grass bricks, which are produced without firing and are made from materials such as river sand and pigments, compressed under high pressure. This method meets the requirements for environmentally friendly production. Moreover, they have the ability to absorb moisture, thus preventing dampness commonly found in harbor areas.

    In every corner of the space, the design incorporates the “rounded corners” reminiscent of cabin windows and doors. Additionally, cabin-specific ventilation fans are installed in the corridors, serving not only as decorations but also practical tools to enhance indoor air circulation. This design choice carries a metaphorical layer, symbolizing the resilience of a ship, capable of withstanding winds, pressures, and the kinetic energy of moving forward. It is aimed to imbue each area of the space with its own identity while simultaneously weaving together a cohesive narrative.

    Design: TaG Living
    Photography: Yuchen Chao