STECON Offices – Bangkok

The STECON project by YAAF DESIGN in Bangkok redefines office spaces with diverse seating options, informal areas, townhall spaces, and a focus on employee comfort, collaboration, and productivity.

  • Client STECON,
  • size 6,997 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • STECON x YAAF, we would like to introduce the new way of working for STECON GROUP people. This floor 22 Level is the sharing facilities between the group in order to create more and more productivity.

    Offering a variety of seating options in the workplace is beneficial for promoting comfort, flexibility, and productivity. This can include traditional desks and chairs, standing desks, lounge areas with sofas or bean bags, adjustable-height desks, communal tables, and even outdoor seating for a change of scenery. Providing options allows employees to choose the seating that best suits their needs and preferences throughout the day.

    Indeed the modern concept of an office extends beyond a mere workspace. It’s a dynamic environment where people spend a significant portion of their time. Cultivating a holistic approach to office design involves considering factors such as employee comfort, collaboration spaces, sustainability, flexibility, and amenities that contribute to overall wellbeing and productivity.

    Moreover, the informal space refers to a more relaxed or casual setting where people feel comfortable expressing themselves freely without strict rules or formalities. It could apply to casual discussions, social media, or even more laid-back work environments.

    In addition, townhall spaces typically refer to public or community meeting spaces where teams can gather to discuss any issues, participate in the meetings, and engage with internal/external. These spaces are important for fostering community engagement, encouraging team participation, and promoting transparency in office environments.

    Conclusion, we are providing such spaces recognizes the diverse needs of employees and can contribute positively to the work culture.

    Design: YAAF DESIGN
    Photography: Yes Sir Production