The Knowledge Academy Offices – Dubai

Havelock One Interiors and TwentyOne06 collaborated in Dubai to transform The Knowledge Academy’s workspace, blending residential comfort with commercial efficiency using high-quality materials for a welcoming and sophisticated design.

  • Client The Knowledge Academy,
  • size 4,500 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Collaborating with award-winning design firm TwentyOne06, we embarked on a journey to transform The Knowledge Academy’s workspace into a resimercial haven.

    The challenge lay in crafting a space that seamlessly blends residential comfort with commercial efficiency. The aim was to create an environment where employees feel at home while maintaining a professional and organised environment.

    The foundation of the design rested on the strategic use of high-quality marble, sourced from, alongside warm wood tones and elegant brass accents. These elements set the stage for an ambiance that balances richness with tranquillity, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. Every aspect of the fit-out was focused on elevating aesthetics and creating a space that can withstand the demands of a dynamic work environment. From intricate detailing to high-quality finishes, each element was carefully installed by our fit-out team to exude luxury and quality.

    Central to the design philosophy was the creation of focal points that infuse comfort and functionality. The communal seating area, adorned with circular wooden drafters and soft pink upholstery, serves as a centrepiece that promotes collaboration. Similarly, the meeting room partitioned with matte brass-framed glass, offers space for innovative conversations in a relaxing atmosphere, with carefully considered flooring to enhance acoustics.

    Design: TwentyOne06
    Fit-Out: Havelock One Interiors
    Photography: courtesy of Havelock One Interiors