Merchants Cruise Academy Offices – Shanghai

UMA Design‘s project in Shanghai embodies a cruise ship theme, blending nature and naval culture to create a functional yet visually captivating workspace for staff and visitors, promoting productivity and collaboration.

  • Client Merchants Cruise Academy,
  • size 32,292 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Hospitality,
  • Embark on a voyage of serenity with Cruise Ships – Connecting the World. Let the sea cradle your essence, allowing the morning sun to grace your awakening, and the late afternoon twilight to gently bid you farewell. As the sun sets on long days, cast your gaze upon the afterglow, sailing towards the morning sun at the turn of a new day.

    Nestled near the ocean, within the bustling core business hub of Baoshan District, Shanghai, our project resides at the intersection of urban civilization, where the river and sea converge. Here, in this liberally exploratory seaside city, time flows ceaselessly, inviting individuals to partake in the endless tapestry of the era.

    The sea, a venerable mother of life, serves as a metaphor for the course of existence—a cruise ship navigating the boundless waters, filled with dreams and uncertainties. Liberating itself from tradition, our design aspires to infuse the space with the joy of the sea, crafting a journey that resonates with the deepest yearnings of our hearts.

    The cruise, akin to life, follows a route, a path through open space. Within the office, we embark on a collective odyssey, considering three integral components. The sea embodies nature with its ever-changing lines, transparent depths, and reflective emotions. The ship represents naval culture—a dynamic, curvy symphony of metal structures, wooden floors, ropes, and inviting porthole windows. The passengers constitute the community—a vast collaboration where individuals work and live harmoniously in a delightfully crafted environment.

    Our cruise transcends mere aesthetics; it becomes a model for cultivating a delightful workspace. This environment propels both staff and passengers towards heightened productivity, guiding them to new harbors and work targets with ease.

    The genesis of our plan is inspired by two ship fairings, giving rise to an engaging public space. The boat’s shape forms a fluid line, seamlessly uniting diverse functional areas across the floor. The space harmoniously amalgamates the core components of the cruise—rippling shapes, dynamic spaces, and transparent elements—creating an environment that is not only functional but also aesthetically captivating, reminiscent of a sleek, modern vessel cutting through the waves.

    Enter the employee elevator hall, where the front desk reception welcomes you with a desk echoing the ship’s form. Behind it, a curvy and dynamic screen unifies various space activities, while the core cylinder wall proudly displays our corporate culture. Descend to the VIP lounge beneath the front hall, and discover two 20-person meeting rooms on the lower left, adaptable into a 40-person meeting room. To the right awaits the VIP reception, accompanied by two intimate meeting rooms for ten persons each.

    With 77 individuals adorning the 19th floor and a bustling 130 on the 18th floor, our cruise-inspired office accommodates a total of 210 souls. Together, we voyage towards success, cultivating collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of purpose.

    Design: UMA Design
    Photography: Huang Shanzhong