Empera Offices – Istanbul

Yalın Tan + Partners designed a modern and sustainable office space for Empera in Istanbul that harmoniously blends the brand's heritage with forward-looking perspectives and promotes productivity and well-being.

  • Client Empera,
  • size 1,507 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Yalın Tan + Partners created a modern yet timeless space for the Empera offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Nestled on the 18th floor of Istanbul’s Süzer Plaza, the Empera Istanbul Office spanning 220 sqm is the result of meticulous planning and dedication by Yalın Tan + Partners in 2023. The Empera brand, which has earned its reputation through carpet production in the city of Gaziantep in the Southeastern Anatolia region since 1984, proudly presented its carpets throughout Turkey and around the world. Seamlessly combining its rich heritage and forward-looking vision, Empera is now poised to make an impressive mark in its Istanbul office.

    Guided by Yalın Tan + Partners, the design of Empera Istanbul Office has masterfully blended sustainability and functionality. This deliberate design strategy aims to transcend the creation of a mere workspace; it strives to offer an environmentally friendly and quality-enhancing experience that not only boosts productivity but also elevates overall well-being. In this pursuit, the design process was framed by a delicate balance between the brand’s heritage and its modern forward-looking perspectives, bolstered by meticulous color and material choices.

    The 220-sqm Empera Istanbul Office reaches beyond the constraints of a compact office project, seeking to deliver an exceptionally rich experiential journey. The workspace areas within the office have not only embraced contemporary office ideals tailored to employees’ needs but also integrated flexible workspaces suitable for hybrid work models.

    Furniture selections, embodying the design’s language, have been chosen to preserve ergonomic comfort for employees, reflecting a “curated eclectic” style that harmonizes traditional and modern elements throughout the space. The distinct flooring materials, defining the spatial circulation, draw attention to the richness of material choices while enhancing visual aesthetics.

    In essence, Yalın Tan + Partners has seamlessly blended functionality and aesthetics to create Empera Istanbul Office – a space that mirrors the brand’s profound heritage and forward-looking vision. More than just a workplace, this environment nurtures a sense of community and belonging, offering employees all the facilities and support they require for both professional and personal achievements.

    The Empera Istanbul Office stands as a testament to the power of design in harmonizing tradition and innovation, weaving together the past and the future to create a workspace that inspires and empowers.

    Design: Yalın Tan + Partners
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar