Wpromote Offices – Los Angeles

Blitz and Tangram Interiors collaborated to design a versatile, technology-equipped, and vibrant office space in Los Angeles for Wpromote, maximizing productivity and collaboration in a smaller setting.

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  • Client Wpromote,
  • size 12,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Los Angeles, California, United States,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • The Challenge
    This project wasn’t just a matter of downsizing; Wpromote also faced the significant task of maintaining a productive and collaborative work environment in a smaller setting.

    The foremost challenge was to create a versatile and technology-equipped space that fostered collaboration, innovation, and flexibility.

    The need for diverse amenity settings, coupled with the square footage being halved from their previous space, posed a unique and welcomed challenge for Tangram Interiors and Studio Blitz.

    The Solution
    Tangram Interiors, in collaboration with Studio Blitz, devised a comprehensive strategy to create a more engaging, flexible, and hybrid office in a smaller space for Wpromote employees.

    The key elements of the solution included the curation of a tailored furniture collection for various areas such as reception, café, meeting rooms, workstations, and private offices. Utilizing Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces, Workstations, and Active Frames, Tangram ensured the work area remained open, airy, and adaptable for various workstyles.

    Technology integration also played a crucial role in the solution. Tangram Technology installed sound masking in the open office for privacy, a 135-inch dvLED display for all-hands meetings, and Google Meet-certified solutions for seamless connectivity in conference rooms.

    The mix of cool and warm-toned materials, along with richly patterned rugs, added a touch of vibrancy to the lounge and conference spaces.

    The Results
    The collaboration between Wpromote, Studio Blitz, and Tangram Interiors resulted in a transformed workspace that exceeded expectations.

    The curated furniture collection and thoughtful design elements provided a much-needed balance between open collaboration and individual privacy. The technology integration, including the dvLED display, sound system, and conference room solutions, enhanced the workspace’s communication and productivity levels.

    The end result is a dynamic, fun, and colorful workspace that allows Wpromote employees to work seamlessly from any corner of the office. The downsized headquarters now serves as a testament to the successful collaboration between Tangram Interiors and Wpromote, creating an environment that reflects the agency’s innovative spirit.

    Design: Blitz and Tangram Interiors
    Photography: courtesy of Blitz and Tangram Interiors