Coca Cola Caribbean Offices- Santo Domingo

Coca Cola Caribbean’s new offices in Santo Domingo, designed by 3g Office, promotes innovation through open, dynamic spaces and a focus on fostering creativity, equality, and diversity.

  • Client Coca-Cola,
  • size 3,800 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • In a corporate building in Santo Domingo we will find the new HQ offices of Coca Cola Caribbean.

    The firms 3g-office, D&B (Design & Build by Javier Rafel) and Cushman & Wakefield were in charge of carrying out the design, construction and Project Management project.

    This design was created with the clear objective of promoting innovation and talent management. Coca Cola considers that the most important thing is the people who work in it and therefore the co-design between the 3g office DR architects and Coca Cola collaborators was of total importance in this process and in decision making.

    The change of headquarters gave rise to the birth of avant-garde and sustainable facilities that reflect Coca Cola’s commitment to a work model that promotes creativity, innovation, diversity and talent.

    The main objective of this design was to build an open space based on a dynamic and horizontal work model that encouraged creativity. Under this premise, the offices were eliminated and replaced by other diaphanous and open spaces. From here some new spaces were also born, such as the coffee work area or the expansion of the dining room, as well as the new design of the multimodal meeting rooms.

    In addition, technological services have been greatly improved, incorporating connectivity and sound insulation tools in all office units.
    Under this new work model in which there are no offices, what we wanted was to convey a message of closeness, transparency, but above all equality, diversity and inclusion.

    Thanks to this, ideas and creativity are encouraged to flow without walls, barriers and obstacles.

    Design: 3g Office
    Contractor: Design and Build by Javier Rafel
    Project Management: Cushman & Wakefield
    Photography: Harold Lambertus