7-Eleven Global Solution Centre – Bengaluru

Gensler‘s design for 7-Eleven Global Solution Centre in Bengaluru revolutionizes workplace experiences, embodying the brand’s “Take it to Eleven” tagline with vibrant, employee-centric spaces promoting creativity, collaboration, and well-being.

  • Client 7-Eleven,
  • size 80,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bengaluru, India,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Drawing inspiration from the brand’s latest advertising campaign, featuring the impactful tagline “Take it to Eleven,” the design concept for the 7-Eleven Global Solution Centre in Bangalore is poised to revolutionise workplace experiences. The Gensler design team endeavours to craft a workplace ambiance that not only mirrors 7-Eleven’s dedication to customer-centricity but also transcends conventional office norms. Central to this vision is the notion of being “extra,” offering employees an exceptional experience that surpasses the ordinary. The aim is to transform the office into a dynamic and employee-centric environment, nurturing creativity, fostering collaboration, and enhancing overall well-being.

    The spatial design embraced the spirit of the ad campaign, evoking a mesmerising “after-dark” atmosphere. Lively neon signage, bold colours, and graffiti-inspired graphics play a pivotal role in achieving this ambiance, contributing to an energetic and immersive environment. The design choices resonate with the brand’s edginess, showcasing a passion for pushing boundaries and creating a visually striking workplace experience. From the moment one steps foot into the space, they are enveloped in an atmosphere pulsating with energy—a testament to our commitment to crafting a workplace experience that is as visually captivating as it is inspiring.

    Prioritising an employee-centric environment, the design strategically places collaborative zones that cater to the specific needs and preferences of the diverse workforce. These areas are purposefully designed to encourage open communication, facilitate brainstorming sessions, and promote informal interactions. The overarching goal is to cultivate a culture of teamwork and idea exchange, aligning with 7-Eleven’s brand values. Additionally, acknowledging the need for varied work environments, breakout rooms and designated areas for focused work have been established. These spaces offer solitude and tranquillity, allowing employees to concentrate on their tasks without interruptions. The thoughtful consideration of diverse work styles ensures that the office accommodates the unique needs of every individual, promoting productivity and well-being.

    The commitment to employee well-being extends beyond workspaces. Recreational areas featuring vintage arcade games and gaming consoles provide opportunities for employees to unwind, have fun, and foster camaraderie through friendly competition. These spaces serve as essential breaks from work, allowing employees to recharge their energy and stimulate creativity. The office’s fully functional kitchen, with kiosks offering a variety of cuisines, caters to employees’ diverse culinary preferences. This not only fulfils the practical need for meals but also serves as a social hub, encouraging colleagues to connect and build relationships. The communal dining experience contributes to a vibrant workplace culture, reinforcing the commitment to employee satisfaction.

    In prioritising health and wellness, the office boasts a fully equipped gym—a dedicated space that actively encourages regular exercise, serving as a cornerstone in promoting overall well-being among employees. Moreover, the inclusion of a health bar, offering nutritious options to support healthy eating habits, seamlessly aligns with the holistic approach to employee wellness. By offering convenient access, both the on-site gym and health bar act as focal points for nurturing both physical and mental well-being, empowering everyone to make informed choices regarding their health and overall wellness.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: Shamanth Patil