ID Integrated Design Group Offices – Kuala Lumpur

ID Integrated Design Group‘s Kuala Lumpur office embodies an agile workplace with designs promoting collaboration, productivity, and employee well-being through open spaces, technology integration, and vibrant colors.

  • Client ID Integrated,
  • size 1,550 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
  • Industry Design,
  • The new office of ID Integrated KL is designed to be an agile workplace that encourages teamwork and allows synergy to flow. As a workplace solution specialist, ID Integrated focuses on transforming offices into environments that support focus, collaboration, connection, and reflection. When the Malaysia team decided to move to a new office, they saw it as an opportunity to create a workplace that embodies their future vision.

    In the design process, the team aimed to incorporate various design principles to promote productivity and engagement. This included creating open collaborative spaces, providing flexible seating options, and integrating technology-enabled meeting rooms. Additionally, the office design prioritized natural lighting and biophilic elements to enhance employee well-being.

    The use of vibrant colors and soft lighting throughout the office creates a comfortable and energizing atmosphere. The office layout features open workstations with adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs to ensure comfort and promote productivity for employees. The office also includes a prominently placed branding wall near the pantry area, which serves as a touch-down point and multi-functional space for client meetings or team lunches.

    At the center of the office is a technology-equipped meeting room designed to facilitate collaboration and innovation. The team also creatively transformed a central column in the office into a gathering point, encouraging spontaneous interactions and fostering a sense of community. This space has comfortable lounge seating, creating an inviting area for employees to connect and collaborate.

    The design of the new office reflects the firm’s reimagined philosophy on work culture, with a conscious effort to promote collaboration among employees. By blending vibrant colors and materials throughout the office space, ID Integrated KL has successfully crafted a workplace that embodies its vision of an agile and innovative workspace.

    Overall, ID Integrated KL’s new office is a testament to its commitment to creating a workplace that not only supports productivity and engagement but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among employees. With its thoughtful design and strategic layout, the new office is sure to enhance the overall well-being and performance of the team.

    Design: ID Integrated Design Group
    Photography: courtesy of ID Integrated