KPMG Offices – Shanghai

iDA Workplace collaborated with KPMG to design KAMPUS in Shanghai, a LEED Platinum and Zero Carbon Office embodying sustainability through recycled materials and solar energy, offering diverse meeting spaces and employee services.

  • Client KPMG,
  • size 147,466 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Seven years ago, we crafted KPMG’s East China Headquarters in Plaza 66, Shanghai. Today, iDA Workplace and KPMG collaborated once again to create KPMG’s global first LEED Platinum and Zero Carbon Office with Carbon Neutrality Certification, named as KAMPUS.

    Located in Hongqiao CBD in Shanghai, known as “the Gateway to the World”, KAMPUS is poised to be the largest workspace within KPMG’s global network, forming a “Dual-Engine Architecture” alongside the existing premises. While steadfastly delivering top-tier service with optimal and nimble achievement, but also concurrently endeavoring to allure talents.

    The Digital Earth signifies KPMG’s worldwide perspective by emphasizing its strong commitment to digital transformation and sustainable development. Crafted from recycled acrylic and powered by solar energy, this installation embodies KPMG’s ethos of low-carbon, energy-efficient development.

    Kafé, the first stop at KAMPUS, not only tantalizes with delectable cuisine, but also epitomizes the wellbeing lifestyle of KAMPUS. Impromptu communication over a cup of coffee. Kafé, a vital conduit, seamlessly linking the inner workings with the external realms.

    Embark on a captivating journey through the company’s rich history within the exquisite showroom, glimpse into KPMG’s strategic vision through the Digital Earth, and immerse oneself in its humanistic values at Kafé. Within this space, anyone can profoundly resonate with KPMG’s corporate culture.

    A modernized booking system complements a variety of meeting spaces, each tailored with unique specifications and concepts, offering diverse solutions for all meeting needs.

    A hub blending interactive experiences, technological envisioning, and innovative concept validation, creating diverse settings for visitors to fully immerse themselves in KPMG’s culture and spirit.

    As the hub of employee services, our eye-catching, simple, and bright wall styling beckons colleagues to gather. At KAMPUS, prioritizing colleague service lies at the core of our design philosophy.

    The Ideation Center stands as KPMG’s national training hub, featuring six versatile spaces of varying sizes. Each space can function independently or be seamless combined as required.

    The Blue Garden acts as the central social hub where colleagues can engage, dine, or work, while also being adaptable for hosting a multitude of events.

    KAMPUS doesn’t just boast a professional fitness center; it also provides an immersive indoor cycling studio complete with oversized screens. Even those less inclined towards exercise find themselves irresistibly drawn to give it a try.

    People-Centric is evident in KAMPUS’s layout. Pantries strategically greet visitors at the entrance of each open office floor, ensuring that upon entering the workspace, colleagues are welcomed by the inviting, green, outdoor-inspired tea club, rather than mundane, monotonous workstations.

    Design: iDA Workplace
    Photography: Highlite Images