Axiom Workplaces Offices – Melbourne

Axiom Workplaces in Melbourne focused on creating a modern, collaborative, and sustainable office space that promotes employee well-being, flexible working, and seamless connection between their teams.

  • Client Axiom Workplaces,
  • size 3,552 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Design,
  • Axiom Workplaces help organisations use their physical workplaces to enhance employee experiences, through an integrated approach consisting of workplace strategy, design, and delivery. A Melbourne studio was designed and delivered to support the growing team and client base in Victoria.

    The space showcases our strategic principles of the future of workplace design by creating a relaxed, creative interior with natural light, practical hybrid spaces, balanced with a sustainable approach.

    A key requirement was to maximise collaboration and connection not only within the Melbourne office but also between the Sydney HQ and the Melbourne team.

    Stepping into the lobby visitors are greeted with “The Hub”, a circular meeting room that by using curved glass, brings natural light into the space. The Hub is the nerve system of the space, enabling in-person collaboration and bringing both the Sydney office and hybrid employees into meetings and company events via seamless technology.

    Hybrid working neighbourhoods flow through the space. These encourage agile working in teams or individual quiet zones in ‘focus pods’. A circular hot desk has been designed to facilitate ‘incidental collaboration’ that can lead to innovation and the discovery of new ideas.

    A breakout zone and café area were designed to encourage team gatherings and facilitate company events. This area has been designed to spill out onto a large outdoor terrace.

    Wellness was also a consideration in the design of the space. Employees use the café, outdoor area, and the relaxing library as break areas. These spaces also encourage incidental collaboration amongst the team.

    The space has revived the top floor of a period building into a flexible, comfortable, and inspiring workplace.

    Design: Axiom Workplaces
    Design Team: Cassandra Kirk, Ailish Burbidge, Milton Dalziel, Justin Lai, Simone Carter
    Photography: Shannon McGrath