Genel Energy Offices – Istanbul

İkibiniki‘s design project for General Energy’s Istanbul office focuses on combining practicality and beauty through a flexible layout, reflecting the company’s identity and fostering collaboration and creativity.

  • Client Genel Energy,
  • size 15,069 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Energy / Mining / Oil,
  • The project we’ve undertaken for Genel Energy’s office in Vadistanbul, located within one of Istanbul’s top office buildings, aims to create a workspace that smoothly combines practicality with beauty, meeting the needs of today’s work environments.

    We designed a flexible layout for hybrid work, placing service areas and meeting rooms centrally, with open office spaces maximizing natural light. Our focus is on fostering collaboration in a practical and inviting environment.

    Additionally, we’ve set up a townhall area next to the reception, serving as a social center for informal gatherings and reflecting Genel Energy’s corporate culture. This area not only provides a cozy waiting space for visitors but also acts as a townhall, representing the heart of the company. The social area, discreetly separated from the reception by a low divider, lets natural light in, maintaining the office’s openness and creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Managers working in the open office have easy access to meeting rooms located near their departments. When these rooms aren’t being used by managers, they transform into open meeting spaces for all employees, promoting collaboration and making the most of the office’s space.

    What makes the Genel Energy office stand out is the careful choice of materials that reflect the company’s identity and the surrounding industrial environment, taking inspiration from the raw beauty of “sand.” This intentional selection of materials, colors, and textures gives the space a unique character while still keeping a harmonious balance between practicality and style.

    In summary, the Genel Energy office interior design project embodies an innovative approach that combines functionality, aesthetics, and corporate identity, ultimately boosting employee productivity and fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity in the workplace.

    Design: İkibiniki
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar