Nura USA Offices – Irvine

Nura’s headquarters project by Hendy in Irvine exemplifies innovative design by seamlessly integrating brand identity, functionality, and employee well-being to set a new standard for office spaces.

  • Client Nura USA,
  • size 33,300 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location California, United States, Irvine,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services, Food / Beverage,
  • Spanning three phases, including an office space, warehouse, and exterior enhancements, this project seamlessly integrates functionality with aesthetics to cater to the diverse needs of the company. By expanding to accommodate their growing business, Nura demonstrated a strategic vision for the future while ensuring a cohesive and branded environment throughout.

    The design choices made for this project are both intentional and impactful. Utilizing light woods that contrast the dark wall paint as well as industrial-modern elements, the space reflects Nura’s identity while fostering a sense of professionalism and innovation. The incorporation of the company’s hexagonal logo into curved millwork and ceiling elements adds a unique touch, further reinforcing brand identity. Moreover, the intentional use of bright accent colors stimulates creativity and imagination. The iridescent window film adds privacy between meeting spaces and surrounding the R&D kitchen while creating a mesmerizing rainbow-like effect. The result is a visually striking environment that energizes and inspires employees.

    One of the most commendable aspects of this project is its focus on employee well-being and collaboration. From built-in booths in the hallways to wellness spaces like a private gym and open break area, the design prioritizes creating a collaborative and inclusive culture. The inclusion of private offices and huddle rooms alongside open collaboration spaces strikes a balance between privacy and transparency, fostering productivity and creativity.

    The incorporation of biophilic elements, improved technology, and ergonomic features further enhance the functionality and appeal of the space, creating an environment where employees can thrive. Additionally, the R&D kitchen and focus on culture and learning through initiatives like lunch and learns and a pet-friendly policy exemplify Nura’s commitment to innovation, quality, and employee satisfaction.

    In summary, the Nura headquarters project stands out as a shining example of thoughtful and innovative office design. From its seamless integration of brand identity to its emphasis on employee well-being and collaboration, this project sets a new standard for excellence in office spaces.

    Design: Hendy
    Photography: RMA Architectural Photography