Seven statement lounge chairs

What’s in a chair? Or more specifically, what’s in a lounge chair?

The lounge chair in an office setting can provide a unique experience to the user and their surrounding environment. It offers an inviting area for a waiting client, a comfortable escape from an employee’s task chair, a casual breakout space for informal collaboration, and much more. Lounge chairs have the power to define a sense of space with their bespoke design and sophistication.

While we see many lounge chairs on Office Snapshots, we recently came across and identified seven standouts you might consider for your next lounge chair choice.


Wendelbo – Mango Lounge

Spotted in Polychain’s San Francisco office, Wendelbo’s Mango Lounge breathes contemporary life into a classic silhouette. The chair is designed to mimic the mango fruit with its soft, yet distinct appearance.

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&Tradition – Loafer Lounge Chair

Most recently found in Aspen’s London office, the Loafer Lounge Chair was originally designed for a hotel lobby. While used beyond this setting, Loafer exudes a sense of intimacy and hospitality wherever it is found.

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Bulo – Monica

We identified Bulo’s Monica Lounge Chair in Gensler’s Miami office. The draping upholstery of Monica gives the user a feeling of softness against a wooden structure, an essence of comfort fit for a variety of applications.

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DesignByThem – Cabin Armchair

As seen in the expansion of Dropbox’s office in Austin, DesignByThem’s Cabin Armchair strikes a balance between playful and personable with its upholstered log-like arms.

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missana – Cotton Armchair

missana’s Cotton Armchair can be found in the offices of WPP in Chicago and LinkedIn in Omaha. Cotton is designed to take advantage of its different sides and metal elements when applying it to a space. The chair provides a premier level of warmth, comfort, and protection to its user.

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Bernhardt Design – Astra Lounge

We came across Bernhardt Design’s Astra Lounge in LendingTree’s Charlotte office. Blending precise geometric details with a curved silhouette, Astra is visually striking from all angles, making it an adept solution for open spaces.

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Fritz Hansen – Fred Lounge

Finishing the list is the Fred™ Lounge by Fritz Hansen as seen in the offices of The Trade Desk in San Francisco. Fred™ is a nod to calm and comfortable living. Defined by its low and open silhouette, the chair can be found and used in a variety of settings and applications.

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