DT Studio

Founded in 2010 by Mrs. Bina Singh, DT Studio Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior design firm, offering services in architecture, corporate interior design, retail design and landscape design.

At DT Studio Pvt Ltd, we believe that design is an amalgamation of qualities of individuals, spaces and volumes, together with the environment in which they co-exist. We strive hard to create simple, yet functional design schemes. So we draw inspiration from the patterns in life that keep changing and yet, manage to have a lasting value. We understand the importance of sustainable design. So we provide effective solutions by making the best use of energy, eco-sensitive and technology-driven design schemes. We value the time and money invested by the client. So, we provide our best services, irrespective of the size and cost of the project, to ensure that we deliver results that meet our clients’ requirements of aesthetics, functionality and budget. We believe that by building relationships with the client, the business will automatically follow.

Location: Bangalore, India
Learn More: http://www.designtransit.net
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