Studio BA

BA is an innovative design firm, located in Tel Aviv, established in 2008, and since has been focusing on interior offices for the fast growing Hi-Tech industry in Israel, in combined collaboration with international brands.

Our design approach:
* We believe that a happy employee is an obligated & productive employee.
* We think that it is of most importance, to invest ingenuity and innovative design in the basic personal workspace of the employee, just as well as in the common spaces.
* Studio BA is a Design firm that works with new Ideas to influence space.

Design Goals:
* Create a workplace that supports accessibility between teams and key decision makers and encourages good team collaboration, by allowing the right visibility and accessibility between teams.
* Design common area that will allow casual and friendly everyday office interactions.
* The Design should positively impact attraction and retention of employees.
* Reflecting the young culture of R&D firms.
* Align with the corporate brand and desired look and feel.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Learn More:
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