Green Walls, Plant Walls, and Living Walls

When Office Snapshots was launched in 2007 it was quite common for offices to be barren wastelands bereft of living organisms other than the employees working in them.

Fast-forward to the present and it is clear that the idea of plants to the office has germinated, taken root, and grown rapidly.

Green walls, plant walls, and living walls have sprouted as additional tools in the office design toolshed that can both freshen the air as well as the appearance of an office environment.

Common places to put plant walls

Reception Area: The most common area companies add plant walls seems to be within the reception area, presumably because they make can make a statement as well as look fresh and inviting.

Pantry / Cafe / Coffee Point: Another area where you might find green walls are within break areas like coffee points and pantry areas due in part to their ability to absorb and deflect noise and sound.

Open Offices: Work areas are also common places to add a green wall for their acoustic properties, look, and the benefits of utilizing biophilia in office design.