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M Moser Associates designed On’s Shanghai workspace with a ‘Mystical Utopia’ concept, integrating brand identity, sustainability, and creativity for a vibrant, efficient, and innovative environment that supports growth and teamwork.

Okamura China designed a unique display area in Shanghai following a ‘live office’ concept, emphasizing employee well-being and productivity with innovative furniture elements that promote communication and flexibility.

iDA Workplace collaborated with KPMG to design KAMPUS in Shanghai, a LEED Platinum and Zero Carbon Office embodying sustainability through recycled materials and solar energy, offering diverse meeting spaces and employee services.

RooMoo Design Studio created a flexible office space in Shanghai for RIDET Technology, featuring a playful and technology-inspired design with suspended smile-shaped elements and a blend of soft colors.

UMA Design‘s project in Shanghai embodies a cruise ship theme, blending nature and naval culture to create a functional yet visually captivating workspace for staff and visitors, promoting productivity and collaboration.

A3 VISION designed Bestseller Hangzhou Live Stream Space with an emphasis on open, collaborative spaces, innovative workstation modules, and a future-oriented workplace promoting employee well-being and teamwork.

Okamura collaborated with SHIMADZU in Beijing to design a cohesive space embodying Earth’s nature, humanity, and science principles, with Activity-Based and Team-Based Working concepts promoting innovation.

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