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Sabormex corporate office project by GERARDO GARCÍA studio in Mexico City focuses on creating a productive and employee-friendly environment by migrating to a dedicated space with a well-balanced design and ergonomic furniture selection.

Volvo City project designed by Space in Mexico City showcases Scandinavian minimalism blended with Mexican craftsmanship, featuring a circuit-like layout with natural lighting, hybrid workspaces, and a sustainability focus.

The project in Mexico City by Space focuses on creating a modern and collaborative workspace that promotes human interaction, flexibility, innovation, and well-being through a thoughtful design approach.

CF taller de arquitectura designed an innovative banking branch in Guadalajara, Mexico, integrating diverse services in a flexible, open space with distinct identities but cohesive design elements and lighting.

Revlon’s offices in Mexico City prioritizes flexibility and remote work, offering personalized workspaces that promotes well-being and corporate identity while incorporating elements of Mexican culture by Angular.

Space designed a modern office with welcoming touches for Travelport in Guadalajara, Mexico. Travelport is…

MATERIA + Gustavo Carmona used bold and bright colors for the design of a confidential…

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