Confidential High Tech Company Offices – Mexico City

The project in Mexico City by Space focuses on creating a modern and collaborative workspace that promotes human interaction, flexibility, innovation, and well-being through a thoughtful design approach.

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 50,375 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Technology,
  • One of the most complex challenges in this project lies in stimulating people to have a better formative experience, inspired by the narrative of placing the human being and their skills at the center in a more empathetic and collaborative way. With the development of automation, digitization, and artificial intelligence, collaborators with particular skills are required: abstraction and problem-solving abilities, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

    The organization is clear about its purpose and its values align largely with the personal values of its collaborators. It requires areas for social interaction, social management, knowledge construction and learning, and spaces for cohesion to create community, culture, and vitality at both individual and collective levels. To achieve this, spaces are designed with a focus on relationships, communication, and a sense of trust as pillars.

    With the immersion of technology, it is important to promote human interaction through flexible spaces that can regularly adapt to different speeds and scales. Spaces for formal and informal collaboration have been concentrated around versatile work areas that increase creativity. The architecture responds as an experience of the culture of innovation and promotes the integration of teams.

    The challenge of achieving a modern, functional, and pleasant environment was overcome by providing employees the warmth of a home that nurtures the path to changing habits, making friends, interacting in activities, using spaces for teamwork, and freely navigating the space. A fresh, contemporary, and innovative image has been created, both in the configuration of carpets, ceilings, and furniture, as well as in diverse settings that incorporate natural light and vegetation to promote the health and happiness that leads to personal satisfaction. The project composition is complemented by graphic images that evoke nature, which is enhanced by curved surfaces in ceilings with dynamic and diffused lighting in various environmental configurations.

    In an open, technological, collaborative, flexible, and illuminated space, modular workstations are gathered, in addition to accessible collaborative meeting areas, reconfigurable multipurpose spaces, dining areas, formal meeting rooms, and some private offices. All the options generated create diverse interaction environments with more horizontal, transparent, and collaborative work forms.

    The implemented solutions encourage people to gather, participate, create the environments they need, and choose the workspace that best enhances their habitability experience. With playful spaces that allow employees to disconnect but also enjoy, the importance of the concept of play and enjoyment in a workspace is reinforced, enhancing the concept of Resilient WorkPLAYce.

    Design: Space
    Partner: Gabriel Téllez
    Design Team: Norberto Rangel, Iván Cortés, Ulises Mora
    Contractor: Alpha Hardin
    Project Management: JLL
    Photography: Fabián Cano Aldaca