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SCOR’s Singapore workplace transformation by Space Matrix focused on user-centric design, integrating collaboration and focused work settings to foster innovation, employee wellness, and a sense of community.

Conexus Studio designs Super Co in One Holland Village, a novel co-working space adjacent to Superland Preschool, blending work and childcare needs with vibrant, inclusive design and cohesive brand identity.

I.Dezign focused on creating a flexible and collaborative workspace for Arohi Asset Management in Singapore, maximizing natural light and scenic views while incorporating warm, welcoming elements for staff productivity.

ID21 designed and built Veson Nautical’s new Singapore headquarters with a strong nautical theme, featuring design elements like a ship’s hull reception counter, office bleacher, and decorative wall displays.

I.Dezign redesigned Michael Page’s office space in Singapore to reduce by 20%, focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and integration of CBD skyline views, while prioritizing employee well-being and flexible design elements.

Right Angle Studio designed a warm, natural palette for an open-plan working environment for a client in Singapore with elements inspired by Straits Chinese houses and rattan screens.

Conexus Studio designed Ubisoft’s employee-centric office space in Singapore, blending gaming-inspired elements, vibrant open spaces, and real-world inspirations to create an immersive and imaginative environment focused on collaboration and employee well-being.

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