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Meyer redesigned Bala Consulting Engineers’ headquarters in Wayne to meet WELL Building Standards™, creating an innovative, neurodiverse workspace with biophilic design elements, advanced monitoring systems, and integrated workplace technologies.

Desmone designed Motional’s relocation to Mill 19 in Pittsburgh aimed to centralize their engineering team in a cohesive workspace, featuring extensive interior renovation and innovative design elements for collaboration and inspiration.

Desmone expanded their historic Pittsburgh office with a focus on fostering well-being through visionary design for growth and wellness.

CosciaMoos Architecture‘s office in Philadelphia elegantly blends modern functionality with historic opulence by preserving original architecture elements and incorporates custom design features for a grand, collaborative work environment.

FCA unveiled its renovated Philadelphia headquarters, which features a design that focuses on choice, adjustability, culture, process, wellness, and sustainability, serving as a springboard for future workplaces across the country.

IA Interior Architects designed a hybrid office in Wayne for DLL, utilizing multi-use spaces, unassigned seating, and nontraditional settings to create an engaging workplace experience with a focus on the Dutch wellbeing practice of Uitwaaien.

AE Works embraced function and style at the Matthews International offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As…

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