from Davis Furniture

M75, by Jonathan Prestwich and Burkhard Vogtherr, is a modern take on a Davis classic. Based on the concept of the Motion chair designed by Burkhard Vogtherr in 1987, M75 is a new evolution of the traditional executive chair built for the 21st century workplace. The geometry of the chair is designed so that the user acts as a counterweight for the movement of the seating mechanism. Vogtherr and Prestwich took certain aspects of the Motion chair, namely the ideal comfort and the revolutionary seating mechanism, and worked to create the same result through a more sophisticated and modern design. To do this, Vogtherr & Prestwich designed an executive chair with no visible adjustment components, the entirety of the seating mechanism is built into the body of the chair itself. M75’s design is centered on the idea of taking away distractions.

Designed by Vogtherr & Prestwich