Timmy Libro

from Mara

The new challenge, to make people feel good in the workplace, is to be able to combine the life design of the individual, which varies over time, with that of the organization. Timmy Libro is a space saving table that can be fold in 50 cm. Characterized by big dimensions and by a wide structure that enable it to lodge up to 14 people, can be used during conferences, meetings, workgroups and trainings. The mechanical folding system makes this table easy to maneuver by one person alone. Once closed it can pass with ease through doors and elevators and can be placed in small storages as well. The collection grows up with a new version to work standing or sitting: Timmy Libro 1050-mm high. Timmy Libro is provided with the exclusive antishock system, designed and patented by Mara, a device that can protect the user’s hands while opening the table. GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2023 SPECIAL MENTION