OLX Group Offices – Poznan

The Design Group created a warm and welcoming environment for the OLX Group offices in Poznan, emphasizing adaptable workspaces, integration of employees, and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Client OLX Group,
  • size 48,438 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Poznan, Poland,
  • Industry Technology,
  • The Design Group created a warm and welcoming environment for the OLX Group offices in Poznan, Poland.

    The reconstruction of the OLX office began shortly after the pandemic – in mid-2021. Therefore, the client wanted the office to be adapted to the conditions that the employees worked out during home-office, with particular attention to workplace ergonomics and safety. That’s why the OLX office is a place of interdisciplinary activities, where individual zones or rooms can be designed and used according to needs or situations. The office has a great variety of rooms and lounges where one can work in silence, conduct a brainstorming session or even organize a call with some of the team working from home. Such a wide spectrum of rooms allows users to change their workspace whenever they need to. Only half of the desks in the office are for regular employees. The rest are hot desks.

    OLX placed great emphasis on spaces that are supposed to integrate employees and facilitate teamwork. Large meeting rooms, a gym, a kitchen with a large table, stands, and a gaming area – these spaces not only unite and bond employees but also encourage those who stayed at home after the pandemic to return to the office. Also noteworthy is the “design thinking” room, i.e. the creative room. This is a multifunctional space designed in accordance with the agile philosophy, intended for collaborative work. While brainstorming, employees can write down their ideas with a marker on a table whose top is finished with a writing surface. The most important of them can be transferred to a huge whiteboard, which occupies the entire surface of one of the walls. Thanks to these solutions, employees can be sure that no important thought will be missed during discussions, and also everyone interested has access to the content. What’s more, all the furniture in the room is movable, so teams can freely arrange the space here according to their needs.

    The aim of the design of the OLX office was also to recreate a homey atmosphere. In many spaces, we have designed soft seats or comfortable armchairs to approximate the cosy atmosphere in these spaces as much as possible. One can sit back and work comfortably here, just like at home. This climate is accentuated by wood-like PVC panels on the floor and carpets, which can be found in various areas of the office. Rooms, on the other hand, are often equipped with thick curtains, which not only perform acoustic functions but also give the space a cosy feel. For even better acoustics in the office, we suspended laminated baffles that together weigh more than 200 tons.

    Design: The Design Group
    Photography: W środku