LinkedIn HQ

  • Client LinkedIn,
  • size 1 sqft
  • Year 1
  • Location Mountain View, California, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • LinkedIn, the businessman’s MySpace, has some spectacular office space located in Mountain View, CA. They allow their users to form connections with business associates whom they trust. The service can also be used to list jobs, find jobs, or even just plain talk business. The service recently opened a Google/Yahoo Answers-esque service that allows “Ones who are Linked in” to answer questions other propose.

    If you were wondering, I just coined the term ‘Ones who are Linked in’ because it sounds better than ‘LinkedInners’.

    Another plus for LinkedIn users is that there is no wading through 100 fake Britney Spears’ profiles before finding the real one and then getting denied. (Britney, was it something I said?)

    IMAGE CREDIT: All images in this gallery were taken by Jerry Luk.