Confidential Client Offices – New Jersey

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 70,500 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Jersey City, New Jersey, United States,
  • Studio Eagle has realized a new sense of space for a confidential client located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

    Established as a world-renowned Class A integrated logistics solutions company for over 127 years, the line management of their North American headquarters has established a plan to modernize their office space reflecting their evolving company culture.

    With a long-standing reputation in strong character and dedication to their core values, coupled with cutting-edge operations leading them to become arguably the most successful logistics company in the world, the client has maintained a great deal of employee and customer loyalty across the globe.

    For the North American headquarters, the Jersey City Branch and North East Regional Offices are all integrated into one workplace. With this, the program needed to capture an element of growth for each area of the business and provide a road map for successful adjacencies well into the future. A key concept and vision of this project was to ultimately create an interior office space that honored the standards they exhibit everyday to their clients in operation and automation capabilities.

    In applying this same principle with their employees, the line management has committed to providing a better working experience through this full office build-out. Expanding not only their footprint, we have collaborated to design a state of the art office space with much needed attention to amenity opportunity across the entirety of the square footage.

    Design: Studio Eagle
    Photography: Will Ellis