L’Oréal Offices – Tokyo

The Design Studio K.K. completed the L’Oréal offices in Tokyo with a focus on creating a space that embodies the beauty of Japan and encourages collaboration and human connections.

  • Client L'Oréal,
  • size 68,889 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Tokyo, Japan,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • The Design Studio K.K. completed the L’Oréal offices with space for dynamic work and company needs in Tokyo, Japan.

    Beauty Valley, a creative hub where beauty is born.

    NIHON L’ORÉAL K.K., which upholds “Create The Beauty That Moves The World” as its core purpose, has undergone renovation for the Japan head office located in Shinjuku. The office is named “Beauty Valley” under the concept of “En“, which means “connections” in Japanese, to create a place where beauty is born, connecting the country of Japan, the customers, the business partners, and the employees. The design incorporates the beauty of Japan thru themes of the four seasons, the textures, the furniture and decorations are infused with Japanese craftsmanship. The office pays attention to details such as lighting, acoustic, and materials. It creatively repurposes NIHON L’ORÉAL K.K.’s products like eye shadows, foundations, and lipstick, transforming them into paints, lighting shades, and tiles instead of disposing of them. Indoor greenery and dimmable LED lighting have also been implemented in consideration of employee wellbeing. The office was designed to LEED standard, an international certification for sustainable offices that guarantees energy efficiency and waste management. The office also incorporates activity-based working (ABW) to enable new workstyles that emphasize employee independence and diversity, with hybrid work as a major premise, and workspaces appropriate for each job are arranged to increase productivity and efficiency. Dedicated rooms for live streaming have also been newly established to meet the needs of the digital age. The office is designed to improve circulation within usable space and to create an open environment that is connected without barriers, enabling a mechanism for collaboration and human connections.

    Design: The Design Studio K.K.
    Photography: Nacása & Partners Inc.