Confidential Venture Capital Firm Headquarters – New York City

Architecture Plus Information (A+I) designed a bright and sophisticated office space for a venture capital firm in New York City, focusing on creating a space that reflects the company's approach to relationship building.

Architecture Plus Information (A+I) created a bright and sophisticated space for a confidential venture capital firm’s offices in New York City, New York.

A+I was approached by a fast-growing venture capital firm to design their new headquarters with a desire for it to reflect how the company approached internal and external relationship building. The client’s ambition was to make a bold and memorable impression for visiting potential partners, while at the same time, providing a serene and nurturing environment for employees to work as the company grew. A+I’s goal was to deliver a high-end 18,000SF workplace experience that would serve current and future employees, providing a place where the company could forge and nurture long-term relationships.

The idea of forming, building, and maintaining relationships was manifested in physical space. Graduating from dark to light, and enclosed to open, the procession of spaces signify the phases of partnership development. Functionally, the design provides a mix of private offices, open workstations, enclosed meeting rooms, an open lounge for both traditional and flexible work, and an inviting gathering space for intimate events.

From casual video conference rooms with soft furnishings to a conference room with no AV to encourage full engagement with the conversation at hand, numerous ways for people to host and meet are provided. Additionally, banquette seating by the cafe encourages employees to sit together, helping the company foster a close-knit office culture. Switch glass in the meetings rooms enables seamless transitions between transparent and private. A continuous walkway around the perimeter of the work environments encourages a “walk and talk” dynamic, inspired by the founder’s belief that the most productive conversations happen in a casual way. The double height volume and ample natural light is awe-inspiring and impressive, exemplifying integrity without feeling lavish. Subdued and sophisticated, neutral and elegant texture-rich finishes were paired with artwork and personal touches that reflected the style and spirit of the founder.

Design: Architecture Plus Information (A+I)
Contractor: Reidy Contracting Group
Furniture Dealer: Empire Office
Photography: Magda Biernat