Attensi Offices – London

Soul Spaces aimed to create a design for Attensi’s offices in London that accommodated the young team and diverse clientele, with a focus on integration, collaboration, and client-friendliness.

  • Client Attensi,
  • size 6,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Our goal was to create an environment that not only accommodated their young and growing team but also seamlessly catered to their diverse clientele who would frequently visit. To achieve this, our design approach involved seamlessly integrating an agile, flexible and collaboration-focused atmosphere with a vibrant, client-friendly ambiance.

    Clients are warmly welcomed by the lounge area, thoughtfully furnished with premium furniture, creating an immediate sense of elegance. This area seamlessly transitions to the rest of the office but is cleverly enclosed to add a touch of privacy.

    The layout design maximises open space for fluid movement and incorporates a blend of collaborative and quiet zones, along with bespoke phone booths and meeting rooms. The tea point features premium timber finishes, complemented by modern amenities and is conveniently adjacent to a versatile area for dining or large gatherings.

    The meeting rooms were designed to make the most of the natural light available as well as showcase stunning views of the south London skyscape. Using folding doors, we created flexibility, seamlessly allowing them to transform one large conference room into two smaller meeting rooms. In the empty gaps created from the partitions we put up, we crafted mini sanctuaries with a home-style comfort for relaxing breaks and chats.

    A key objective was to ensure their new workspace drew team members back to the office. This was achieved through a diverse furniture selection that aligned with their brand and accommodated various working styles. Additionally, we added ample breakout zones and designed the tea point to exude a café vibe, offering alternative escapes from the working atmosphere.

    Design: Soul Spaces
    Design Team: Joe Gillam, Ailsa Carey, Demet Ogutler
    Photography: Peter Ghobrial