Confidential Accounting Company Offices – Mannheim

ACTINCOMMON designed a sustainable, modular office across six floors in southern Germany using biophilic design elements, promoting employee well-being, creativity, collaboration, and the concept of New Work.

  • Client Unnamed Financial Company,
  • size 80,729 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Mannheim, Germany,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • ACTINCOMMON was commissioned by a leading accounting organization to design the interior of one of their prestigious new buildings in southern Germany.

    In close collaboration with the Corporate Real Estate department, we implemented an innovative and modular office concept across six floors. By incorporating sustainable materials, biophilic design, and natural elements, we created vibrant and dynamic spaces that prioritize the well-being and creativity of employees.

    The modular approach allows for seamless expansion and continuous development of the various work areas within the building.

    The result is a lively office landscape that inspires employees, fosters collaboration, and introduces the concept of New Work to the company in a sustainable manner.

    Photography: Marcus Zumbansen