d-fine Offices – Berlin

d-fine’s new Berlin office in the “Kranzler Eck” building features a modern design by UP.GREAT inspired by the capital’s vibe, with a “quartz crystal” theme, modular shelving, and versatile workspaces.

  • Client d-fine,
  • size 6,997 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • d-fine’s new office is located in the “Kranzler Eck” building, directly on the Ku’damm. It provides an agile working environment with a Berlin vibe.

    The building complex includes, among other things, the iconic Café Kranzler and a new building with a glass facade. European consulting company d-fine’s new multi-space office is located on the light-flooded 8th floor of the new building.

    The Berlin office stands out from the other d-fine locations: The vibe of the capi-tal can be felt in the new office and, inspired by the campus atmosphere of a coworking space, there are areas for concentration, communication, interaction and relaxation with a natural flow of movement. The “quartz crystal” design con-cept runs through the entire office in terms of colours and shapes. Based on the CI colours, dark blue was adopted and orange was replaced by a hard, masculine pink, which stands for diversity.

    The area is divided into internal and public areas and offers a suitably inspiring working environment for every activity, whether concentrated work, team and project work, workshops, hybrid video conferences or customer presentations. Mobile whiteboards and rollable screens optimise agile workflow.

    The open plan office area is structured by modular shelving systems, which de-fine the walkways without compromising the open feeling of space. Close to the flexible workstations are the communication areas, acoustically shielded by glass cubes: an ad hoc meeting room and a team office. The cosy social area also connects to the open plan office. It has a lounge area and cafeteria, where the focus is on conversation and relaxation.

    As the day goes on, the sun moves around the “Kranzler Eck”, creating a fasci-nating play of light through the colour-changing film of the glass cubes. The new d-fine office offers its employees an attractive working environment, supports their agile way of working, and customers also feel its special vibe: d-fine with a dash of Berlin flair.

    Design: UP.GREAT
    Photography: Peter Margis