UFF Offices – Bois-Colombes

Studio BOY, MOORE Design, and MAKE office collaborated to redesign UFF’s headquarters in Bois-Colombes, focusing on creating a visually distinctive space with functional zones tailored to various business needs.

  • ,
  • Client UFF,
  • size 45,208 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bois-Colombes, France,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • To mark the merger of its two head offices, UFF chose STUDIOBOY to redesign, fit out and equip its new headquarters in Bois-Colombes, near Paris. MOORE Design and MAKE Office joined the team to complete the 4200m2 project. ​

    The challenge was to create a space that not only reflected UFF’s image, but also had a distinctive visual identity, programming and functionalities adapted to their various. businesses. Structured around a welcoming lobby and two floors, the project encompasses various zones, including a convivial cafeteria, a locker area, large open spaces encouraging collaboration, private offices, functional small and large meeting rooms, phone booths, isolation bubbles for moments of concentration, as well as spaces dedicated to training and brainstorm rooms. Parts of the spaces have been meticulously accessorized, benefiting from careful attention to detail and functionality to create a coherent, refined environment. ​

    The MOORE team made a significant contribution by designing and supplying bespoke desks made from two-material Fenix, cleverly integrating natural elements such as trees into spaces featuring project tables. This marriage of bespoke functionality and natural elements helped to create a unique working environment, meeting UFF’s specific needs while adding a distinctive aesthetic touch to the whole space.

    Design: Studio BOY, MOORE Design, MAKE office
    Photography: Olivier Seignette