Uahwatanasakul Offices – Bangkok

HoAA Studio redesigned the U Chu Liang Building in Bangkok, honoring its Chinese heritage with modern updates and a human-centric design focused on blending tradition with innovation.

  • Client Uahwatanasakul,
  • size 9,817 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • Standing tall at 160 meters, the U Chu Liang Building was once among Thailand’s tallest structures. Owned by the Uahwantansakul family, the current proprietor envisions the building as a hub for upscale businesses, leveraging its distinctive architecture and advanced infrastructure.

    Recognizing the need for a modern update, HoAA Studio was commissioned to rejuvenate the U Chu Liang brand and reimagine its office space. The goal was to honor its long and illustrious heritage, deeply rooted in profound Chinese influences, while emphasizing top-notch service and a vibrant company culture. The redesigned spaces serve as a tribute to progress and a testament to U Chu Liang’s enduring legacy, embodying its new identity characterized by signature hospitality, strength, and stability.

    The interior design reflects a human-centric approach, featuring visionary statements through curated objects and metaphorical patterns, creating bespoke and distinctive forms. The workplace concept revolves around “Building the Roots” – creating an environment that caters to both old and new generations. This approach strikes a delicate balance, preserving heritage authenticity while incorporating modern elements.

    Design: HoAA | House of Artist and Architecture
    Photography: Pakorn Leangaramsuk