Deloitte Offices – Bratislava

iO Partners and MAUKS Interior design studio collaborated to create a modern, functional office space for Deloitte in Bratislava, combining aesthetics, sustainability, and biophilic elements to enhance employee comfort and interaction.

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  • Client Deloitte,
  • size 26,910 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bratislava, Slovakia,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Martin Nagy, Architect iO Partners Slovakia – Concept creators:
    Our goal was to create premises that combine aesthetics with functionality, where every detail is carefully thought out reflecting the client’s visions and values, and to create a symbiosis between modernity and natural elements, and achieve a new standard of quality.

    Despite the need to optimise the area and a changed number of workplaces, we succeeded in maintaining the comfort of employees, which was one of the biggest challenges of the project. The premises have a fixed structure, while offering the flexibility of sharing, which enhances communication and cooperation between employees. Acoustic panels and curtains provide visual aesthetics and acoustic comfort.

    We have taken into account our client’s requirements regarding greenery and sustainability. Functional furniture from the former office was refurbished and reused in the new premises. Green and natural elements are complemented by muted earthy colours, and together they create a cosy atmosphere in harmony with nature.

    Floors in the common areas are decorated with microcement, to give a modern industrial look. Exposed ceilings and designer lighting fixtures create a unique atmosphere, and a special biodynamic lighting system changes the light intensity and colour during the day.
    Two terraces provide space for relaxation and client meetings, enhancing comfort and interaction in the office.

    Maukš – Interior Design Studio – coworking interior design studio:
    Deloitte’s new HQ is inspired by nature and its organic shapes – the circle, arch, and curve.

    The concept’s creators believed that in the heavily urbanised built-up area of a business centre location, it was essential to use harmonising biophilic elements in the interior design. And we fully agreed with this idea.

    We selected the materials, and decided on the composition of colours and textures, and the design details of atypical elements of furniture to ensure every detail of the concept which the users (employees) come into contact with on a daily basis was refined to the maximum extent possible.

    Shapes and Textures / Biophilia
    The dominant monolithic mass in the client reception area is a reference to Deloitte’s DNA. It symbolises stability and presents the company as a responsible reliable partner with strong values, which is able to perceive and set current trends.

    The rounded sculptural shape of the reception desk with a toned coating forms a compact whole with the ceiling. A lighting fixture in the shape of an irregular ephemeral curve hangs in the air near the reception ceiling. The entire mass of the reception and its background is delineated by a continuous linear lighting fixture which, like all biodynamic lighting systems, changes the light intensity and colour during the day.

    The custom-made minimalist furniture has an ergonomic, clean design for intuitive use. The well-thought-out interior layout maximises the practical use of the storage space to 100%.

    The composition of storage furniture standing separately in space features supporting columns and an eccentrically positioned horizontal mass. The oval-shaped furniture hangs above the floor supported by tiny legs.

    The emphasis on eco-friendliness and the intention to reuse office furniture have been reflected in an original solution. Meeting and conference tables have been refurbished to fit new premises. Lounge seating furniture has been reupholstered with new fabrics and high quality office chairs have been tested, cleaned and adjusted piece by piece. We have recycled almost 80% of the original furniture. The office also has a network of easily accessible built-in waste separation stations. Naturally, we used energy saving batteries and light bulbs.

    The office has panoramic views of the castle, Kamzík, the hustle and bustle of the Apollo Bridge in the distance, and the relaxing meditative rhythm of boats cruising the Danube can be heard.
    We believe the new sophisticated quiet luxury interior design with neutral colours and calming rounded shapes will assist the daily work routine of Deloitte employees, and evoke a feeling of ease and optimism.

    Design: iO Partners and MAUKS Interior design studio
    MAUKS Design Team: Mira Maukš, Peter Maukš
    iO Partners Design Team: Martin Nagy, Michal Oparty
    Deloitte Team: Alexandra Gajdosechová, Ivana Lorencovičová
    Photography: Diana Kakara Dobrescu