Boston Consulting Group Offices – Prague

Penta Real Estate designed the BCG offices in Prague with a focus on creating a bright, airy space featuring wood elements, greenery, and local touches for a homely feel.

  • Client Boston Consulting Group,
  • size 13,789 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • The new offices of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) were built on the 6th and 7th floors of the Masaryčka office building in the centre of Prague. The fitout has nearly 1,300 sqm of office space and 245 sqm of terraces and green roofs.

    The client was moving from rented coworking space, which was not ideal for him – poorly designed acoustics, broken space, little daylight. So the brief was the opposite. To design a bright, airy office with a homely feel and a strong emphasis on meeting spaces. The heart of the offices became a spacious community area with a residential staircase and main kitchen, which is used for informal events and company-wide meetings. The two floors then have project rooms and private offices that outweigh the open space, phone rooms, and many nooks and crannies for undisturbed work.

    The color palette is based on the dark green that is typical of BCG. Given the space, we chose several shades and gradients that show through on built-in furniture, upholstery, and acoustic elements. The use of wood is prominent in the interior, which was very much desired by the client. We therefore chose glass partitions from Woodyglass, which added a pleasing character to the interior. The residence stairs are also clad in wood, followed by an oak bookcase that extends over two floors. An important part of the design is also the placement of a number of plants and plant installations, which became the main decoration of the reception room and the large kitchen.

    We have designed several original graphic motifs for the offices. The glass partition wall coverings refer to the mosaic tiles, the markings of the meeting rooms and the wallpaper with important Prague buildings. BCG has offices all over the world, but it was important for us to give it a local character. So you’ll find chairs from Ton, Master&Master armchairs, Bomma lighting fixtures, and benches from Lexová & Smetana. Other furnishings are a mix of traditional office furniture suppliers.

    The design process was intensive from the beginning, with several workshops with the staff, many rounds of colour schemes, sampling and revisions. However, thanks to the client, who took extreme care in the design and implementation with us, the result is an exceptional interior that we and the client are proud of.

    Design: Penta Real Estate
    Design Team: Kamila Fuentes Rielo and Nikola Stibůrková
    Furniture Dealer: CRE8
    Photography: courtesy of Penta Real Estate