Direct Line Group Offices – London

TSK Group partnered with Direct Line Group to design a vibrant central London headquarters, focusing on flexibility, collaboration, and sustainability to adapt to a changing digital landscape and support a managed hybrid work model.

  • Client Direct Line Group,
  • size 47,000 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • Direct Line Group partnered with TSK to create a ground-breaking central London headquarters for its insurance brands.

    Recognising the evolving needs of their diverse, hybrid workforce, Direct Line Group sought to create a vibrant workspace that seamlessly integrates flexibility, collaboration, and sustainability.

    After three and a half decades in Bromley, Direct Line Group acknowledged the need for change to remain competitive in the digital era. The new space fosters adaptability and creativity, trading the traditional siloed department set-up for a dynamic and fluid working environment.

    We worked with the team at Direct Line Group to redefine their workplace strategy, based on employees’ needs, space requirements and business goals. With this analysis in hand, we helped the team secure their new office space, two floors of Riverbank House, with fantastic views of the Thames and The Shard.

    DLG embraces a managed hybrid work model and this requires a workspace that supports in-person collaboration and agile practices. To facilitate this, we delineated five dynamic zones. Each of these zones is equipped with different features for example a social zone with a canteen and kitchen, a learning zone with training rooms and whiteboards and a focus zone with private seating areas.

    A key focus of this project involved creating a workspace that could grow and change with the business. To do this we built the zones from an easily adaptable freestanding system, minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency.
    Employee wellbeing and inclusivity were also central to the design philosophy. Through vibrant aesthetics, abundant natural light, and inclusive amenities, we aimed to create a sensory-rich environment that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging.

    With input from Direct Line Group team members, we curated a high-performance workplace that prioritises user experience and aligns closely with DLG’s organisational ethos. By consolidating operations into Riverbank House, DLG have optimised their space utilisation and significantly reduced their carbon footprint, underscoring their commitment to sustainability.

    Direct Line Group’s new headquarters embodies its forward-thinking culture, fostering collaboration and innovation amidst a rapidly evolving commercial landscape.

    Design: TSK Group
    Photography: Midi Photography | Mike Dinsdale