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Sabormex corporate office project by GERARDO GARCÍA studio in Mexico City focuses on creating a productive and employee-friendly environment by migrating to a dedicated space with a well-balanced design and ergonomic furniture selection.

DAarchitects designed the Danone office space in Sofia, inspired by nature, incorporating user-friendly materials, promoting well-being, and reflecting the company’s brand identity and values.

Nura’s headquarters project by Hendy in Irvine exemplifies innovative design by seamlessly integrating brand identity, functionality, and employee well-being to set a new standard for office spaces.

BIT CREATIVE designed the office space of JDE Peet’s in Warsaw with a cozy cafe atmosphere, reflecting the brand’s philosophy through colors and references to coffee and tea products.

INpuls designed a Munich-based project inspired by Air Up’s product, featuring acrylic furniture and custom designs reflecting innovation and creativity through color, scent, and spatial arrangement zones.

Konjac Rice Company’s office design by Dominus Design blends individual board directors’ tastes into a harmonious, elegant space, featuring luxurious materials, sophisticated colors, and multifunctional areas promoting productivity and inclusivity.

Hafer redesigned Wabash Valley’s corporate headquarters in Dubois with a focus on improving brand image, employee well-being, and work-floor efficiency through a natural, biophilic aesthetic and enhanced lighting.

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